Alfredsson would like to discuss front office job with new Ottawa Senators owners

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Daniel Alfredsson would like to have a front-office role with the new ownership of the Ottawa Senators, calling it a “dream job”.

With the sale of the Ottawa Senators moving into a new phase with potential owners submitting bids for the franchise, the greatest Senators player in the history of the franchise says he would like to sit down with the new owners once the sale is complete.

“I want to wait to see what happens, but I would love to have a meaningful role in hockey ops,” Alfredsson said during the Mayor’s Breakfast at Ottawa City Hall.

Alfredsson spent 17 seasons with the Senators as a player, before spending one year with the Detroit Red Wings. After retiring in 2014, Alfredsson returned to the Senators front office as a senior adviser of hockey operations for two seasons before departing in 2017.

During a question and answer session with Mayor Mark Sutcliffe, Alfredsson was asked what role he’d like to have with the Senators following the ownership change.

“I was asked if I wanted to be part of it this year – intriguing and flattering obviously. I said I’ll be around more this year, I’ll help out any way I can but I don’t want to take on an official role in case there is an ownership change,” Alfredsson said.

“I don’t know if I could handle another leave the Senators moment in my life. So I said I want to wait and see what happens.”

Alfredsson says he has spent some time around the Senators and Canadian Tire Centre this season, including skating with injured players while the team is out of town.

“I think with experience and what they’re going through now. I was there early in my career, how we went from being the worst team in the league to consistently being a playoff team,” Alfredsson said.

“I feel I have a lot to contribute in that role, so that’s kind of what I’m hoping. We’ll see what happens with the new ownership, but that’s my dream job.”

Alfredsson says an ownership change will be a positive for the Senators, adding it would be “great” if Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds is part of the new ownership.

The board of directors for Senators Sports and Entertainment announced in November it was initiating the process for selling the club, retaining New York-based bank Galatioto Sports Partners to oversee the sale. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said more than 15 groups have expressed an interest in buying the club.

Postmedia reported Thursday evening that the deadline for potential owners to submit their first bid for the Senators has been delayed until March 6.

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