Army training will be held in London, Ont. Saturday

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Local Canadian Army Reserve soldiers of 31 Canadian Brigade Group will be conducting training in London, Ont. this weekend.

On Saturday, soldiers will march along local roadsides, near Wolseley Barracks, in uniform with their personal weapons, which will remain unloaded at all times. They will wear Canadian Army-issued uniforms and personal protective equipment.

Members of the public can expect to see upwards of 30 soldiers at a time in various formations. The soldiers will wear “high visibility marker vests,” and a vehicle with its four way signals flashing will be following behind them.

Residents are asked to slow down when passing these marching soldiers.

31 Canadian Brigade Group is headquartered in London, and has over 2,500 members across Southwestern Ontario. Many of these soldiers are preparing to deploy overseas.

London residents are being thanked by 31 Canadian Brigade Group in advance for their understanding and co-operation.

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