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STAYNER, ON, Feb. 19, 2023 – This year proudly marks the 65th anniversary since the first CF-105 Arrow, RL-201 took its inaugural flight on March 25, 1958. The Canadian Air and Space Conservancy (CASC) is calling on those who took part in the development of Avro CF-105 Arrow Jet-Fighter Interceptor Program to be a part of a documentary; to shine a light on talented team members who built the Avro Arrow.

CASC will be undertaking interviews to bring memories of the Avro Arrow back to life. Filming of this documentary will take off from Edenvale Aerodrome, the home of Avro Arrow. Created by up-and-coming producers Jonathan Neville and Brendan Carmody, under the mentorship of award-winning producer Don Carmody, this film plans to share one of Canada’s iconic achievements in aviation history.

“We are collecting stories from the best minds that engineered and designed the advanced all-weather fighter interceptor called the CF-105 Arrow, to the nimble hands that supported the Avro Arrow Program,” said Aura Arias, CASC Director. “Our goal is to reignite Canadians’ imaginations with the story of the Avro Arrow’s former glory.”

This documentary on the Avro Arrow story is consistent to CASC’s mission of telling the story of aviation and space, both civil and military in Canada.

CASC encourages those with any information or saved items from family members that worked on the Avro Arrow Program to help piece together this memorable documentary.

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