Drew Barrymore Says She’s ‘Actively Seeking’ Next Adam Sandler Movie Collab

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Drew Barrymore is itching for another collab with longtime friend and frequent co-star, Adam Sandler. Barrymore spoke to ET’s Rachel Smith at the Mark Twain Honors in Washington D.C. Sunday, where she said that the pair are actively seeking their next project together.

“We might have mentioned something about it this morning,” Barrymore teased. “We’re actively seeking.”

While she wouldn’t reveal much, “The Drew Barrymore Show” host said that she and Sandler are working on finding that perfect “alchemy” before bringing anything to the big screen.

“I know, I wonder the same thing, ’cause I think that is important for us, to hook into it,” Barrymore said when asked what the two are up to next. “Maybe not be redundant of something we’ve done in the past, but not try to prove we’re doing something different just to prove it. It’s like an alchemy, you know? And it’ll be a little of this, a little of that.”

She continued, “I will say this: Adam and I seem to really know it when we know it. And we’re like, ‘This is it.’”

Finding that mixture that’s just right involves not only finding a project to collab on but writing something tailored just for them, with personal touches throughout.

“We work really hard in the writing to balance it out for the male-female perspective. We always try to infuse something that we really think is meaningful, as far as storylines, or what we relate to or what we want to see in a story, ’cause we need that,” Barrymore explained. “We make it personal, even though it’s not us up there.”

The “Santa Clarita Diet” actress said all that’s left for her and Sandler, is to find those characters that speak to their “belief system” as artists.

“I mean, everybody was in love with Adam Sandler back in the day. When he was on SNL, he was the guy, the coolest, the hottest. Everybody wanted to be Adam Sandler-adjacent. And I’m just lucky that I broke through,” Barrymore gushed. “Because I was like, ‘I know we don’t look like a match with my purple hair and leopard coat,’ and he’s still wearing that same outfit he wore that day 25 years ago or whatever it was,’ but I was like, ‘But I know that we are.’ There’s something inside.”

She added, “So, we just have to find characters that suit that belief system.”

Barrymore couldn’t help but gush over Sandler, who is being given the Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain Prize for American Humor Sunday, telling ET that the “Murder Mystery 2” actor just has that “something.”

“I think that comedians are the most vital people on planet earth in the sense that they find bravery to make us all laugh,” Barrymore said. “They find a boldness. They find a humor. They find a sharp wit that they hone in as their skill that’s so unique to them.”

She continued, “Each comedian, I think, has that certain something about them. And Sandler, he’s so Sandler. Sandler is so Sandler.”

Barrymore also dedicated her weekly “Sunday Buffet” Instagram post to Sandler on Sunday, sharing a series of throwback pics of the two over the years.

“A #SundayBuffet to honor @adamsandler who has changed me and the world with his comedy, and so much more,” she wrote.

The last time the pair worked together was in 2014’s Blended. Before that, Barrymore and Sandler teamed up for 2004’s 50 First Dates and in 1998’s “The Wedding Singer”.

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