Leaders to call for expansion of Nexus, Global Entry at Toronto Pearson Airport

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A new coalition will be calling on the federal government to expand Nexus and Global Entry at Toronto Pearson International Airport on Thursday morning.

The coalition, made up of business and local leaders in Toronto, is set to ask Trudeau’s government to bolster Canada’s trusted traveller program to help smooth the passenger experience at Toronto Pearson Airport and other airports in Canada.

Travellers who are considered “low-risk” after undergoing extensive background checks can carry special Nexus and Global Entry photo identification cards to enter a separate security screening checkpoint.

Canada and the United States announced a new bilateral workaround for the Nexus trusted-traveller system in January, which allowed U.S. border agents to interview Nexus applicants at select Canadian airports before boarding U.S.-bound flights. That will happen only after applicants take part in a separate, appointment-only interview with Canadian agents at a Nexus airport enrolment centre.

The announcement is set to take place at Toronto Pearson Airport on Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m.

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