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A local resident is pushing for answers after a flying nightmare with Air Canada. 

Rosalynne Ouellette, Amherstburg resident, faced numerous issues at the end of December 2022 when she and her husband flew out from Windsor to Toronto, and Toronto to Calgary on Air Canada flights.

On December 17, the couple flew out of Windsor and landed in Toronto, where their issues later began. 

Ouellette says she received three emails that their flight was delayed, before it was ultimately cancelled. 

Air Canada employees at the gate allegedly told the passengers that they could book a hotel and that Air Canada would reimburse the costs. Ouellette said she had a hotel booked for that night in Calgary and was told that would also be reimbursed. 

Their flight for the following day was delayed and cancelled once again, and she requested they be put on a stand-by flight, and fortunately she and her husband got the last two seats. 

Ouellette says in Pearson Airport on the December 17th, the delays and cancellations began.

“It was delayed at 10 o’clock, went to 11 o’clock. And then they said we were leaving at 11:30 p.m., at 11:15 they said it was cancelled and we would be booked on a flight at 1:30 p.m. on the 18th. They said if we went to a hotel they would pay for the hotel, they would reimburse us money for the hotel that we spent.”

She says she reached out to Air Canada, who said they would give a $300 E-coupon combined for her and her husband.

“Air Canada just sent me a reply on the 7th (of February) that they would give us an E-coupon for $300. We had over $600 in hotel rooms,” she explains. “We planned this where it wouldn’t cost too much because we’re both retired. Regardless of our income, Air Canada should honour where they said they would pay for our hotels, and they’re saying no.”

She says those who lived close to the airport were offered limo vouchers to get home.

“I am really upset. I really think that Air Canada should go by what their employees said, reimbursement for the room. They gave everybody that lived close by vouchers to take a limo back to their homes. And, they can not honour their thing where they said ‘we’ll pay for your hotel rooms’.”

Ouellette says she will no longer try to fly out of Canada. 

“I will fly from Detroit to wherever I’m going. I won’t even bother with Canada because the flights from Windsor to Toronto, Toronto to wherever we’re going, it’s been a nightmare. So, I’m thinking just cross the border, go to Metro, and take a plane and go to where we’re going. And that’s unfortunate.”

Ouellette says she has sent emails and letters to Transportation Canada, Essex MP Chris Lewis, Essex MPP Anthony Leardi, Air Canada, Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau looking for answers surrounding airport and airline delays.

According to Ouellette, Air Canada has told her that due to the delays being cause by “mechanical issues” that they do not have to reimburse for anything.

In total, the couple spent $613.78 on hotel rooms.

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