Lontreau is Science-Backed Endurance Skincare for People on the Move

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Lontreau is Science-Backed Endurance Skincare for People on the Move (1milk2sugars PR)

VANCOUVER, BC, Feb. 14, 2023 – Informed by science, Lontreau is a curated group of products crafted with intention for people who like to move. The Canadian skincare brand was founded by Vancouver native, athlete and co-founder of renowned practice, 8 West Clinic Angie Buonassisi. With over 10 years of experience in medical aesthetics and skincare, Buonassisi was inspired to develop a line of products that streamlined skincare yet provided enough support for the extreme environmental conditions of individuals with an active lifestyle. A big emphasis was placed on using ingredients that won’t cause irritation or photosensitivity, empowering active people to utilize clinical grade skincare without having to take time off of training or their outdoors pursuits.

“Lontreau isn’t a long list of single ingredient products but instead, four purposeful formulas that deliver unique and optimized benefits,” says Buonassisi. “I worked with the best formulators in the field, sourcing bio-compatible ingredients of the highest quality, and learning about the power of clinical grade ingredients to protect and nourish the skin barrier”.

With Biomimetic Barrier Formulas at the heart of its line, Lontreau embodies the importance of supporting a healthy skin barrier. This unique approach focuses on the skin’s biochemistry, putting forward skin-compatible and goal-setting ingredients that mimic natural substances and skin functions for optimal, long-term results.

The non-sensitizing four-piece skincare system includes:

Lontreau products are clinical grade and specially formulated with responsibly sourced, sustainable, efficacious ingredients. The brand’s products meet the criteria of the Credo Beauty “Clean” standard – the strictest benchmark in the industry,  scoring 100% on Yuka, an independent and objective rating system.

The brand’s innovative metal free airless packaging carefully protects from oxidation ensuring longevity and integrity. In addition to being clinically effective and biomimetic, Lontreau is committed to protecting the environment, specifically designing all packaging to be BPA free and 100% recyclable. They are members of the 1% for the Planet network and are Plastic Negative, meaning they remove twice as much plastic from the environment as they produce.

Lontreau is about making skincare easy and effective enough to integrate as a part of your overall health and wellness.

For media requests or to speak to founder Angie Buonassisi, please contact:
Sameli Valina, sameli@1milk2sugars.com 

Lontreau is disrupting the skincare market with products that are designed for people who live to move. Developed to defend against environmental stressors, improve radiance, brighten, smooth, hydrate and energize the skin, Lontreau products utilize a unique biomimetic approach to formulation by using ingredients that support and optimize the skin barrier. All products are compatible and have been formulated to be used together. Formulations are proudly manufactured in Canada and all packaging is 100% recycled, recyclable or offset with the RePurpose Plastic Negative Program. For more information, visit www.lontreau.com and @lontreau on Social Media.

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