NASCAR Enters Roblox With Immersive Gaming Experience

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Making its virtual debut on Roblox via metaverse studio Dubit, NASCAR Speed Hub is an immersive experience in which players are invited to design cars, unlock exclusive virtual items, play mini games, and connect to other Roblox games.<>NASCAR originally entered the metaverse in September, when it launched a branded room in Meta’s Horizon Worlds metaverse app, where fans could watch on-demand race recaps through Meta’s VR Quest 2 headset.

Now the American racing company is taking on a more gamified user experience via Roblox, a platform with over 58 million daily active users worldwide.

“This is the next step in expanding NASCAR’s presence in the metaverse,” says Nick Rend, NASCAR managing director of gaming and esports. “At NASCAR we want to encourage the emerging generation of digital natives to manifest their passion for NASCAR racing their own way.”

At the center of NASCAR’s Roblox experience is a time trial that invites players to collect currency and upgrade their cars, something the company says is a “critical component to competing for bragging rights on the global leaderboard.”

In addition, the “Quest for Diamonds” is a mini game that sees NASCAR–branded 75th anniversary diamonds spread throughout partner games, including fan-favorite Jailbreak.

According to a recent statement, Jailbreak players who complete a time trial in NASCAR Speed Hub will earn a limited time NASCAR-themed 75th anniversary skin as part of a new vehicle launch

Alex Balfanz, co-founder of Badimo, the development team behind Jailbreak says that the NASCAR-themed virtual items are currently some of the most talked about in their community.

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