Netflix Canada Dropped Its April Releases — Here’s What You Can Binge Watch

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Get the popcorn popping and the blankets ready because Netflix Canada has released its list of April 2023 releases and it’s looking like it’s going to be one heck of an entertaining month.

A slew of films will be hitting Netflix next month including One More TimeChupa and The Matchmaker, to name a few.

Both Mo’Nique and John Mulaney are releasing their highly anticipated stand-up shows, My Name Is Mo’Nique and Johny Mulaney Baby J, both of which will be available for streaming on April 4 and April 25, respectively.

Wondering what else to get the popcorn ready for? Here’s the full list of Netflix Canada’s April releases:


Chupa — April 7

Oh Belinda – April 7

Seven Kings Must Die — April 14

Power Rangers: Once & Always — April 19

One More Time — April 21

A Tourist’s Guide To Love — April 21

Chokehold – April 21

The Matchmaker – April 27

TV Series

War Sailor – April 2

Beef – April 6

Thicker Than Water – April 7

Transatlantic – April 7

Florida Man – April 13

Queenmaker – April 14

The Diplomat – April 20

Indian Matchmaking – April 21

Love After Music – April 26

Sweet Tooth – April 17

King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch — April 28


Longest Third Date — April 18

How To Get Rich – April 18

Chimp Empire – April 19

Stand-Up Comedy

My Name Is Mo’Nique – April 4

John Mulaney Baby J – April 25

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