Prairie provinces only region of Canada to favour Grey Cup over Super Bowl: poll

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According to a poll from the Angus Reid Institute, 62 per cent, or three-in-five football fans in Canada would prefer to watch the Super Bowl over the Grey Cup if they could only pick one.

However, that is not the case in Saskatchewan, Alberta or Manitoba.

In Saskatchewan and Manitoba, 70 per cent of those surveyed would watch the Grey Cup before the Super Bowl if they could only view one game. In Alberta, 58 per cent asked would choose to watch the Grey Cup.

Of those surveyed in Quebec, 78 per cent would choose to watch the Super Bowl and only 22 per cent would watch the Grey Cup.

In Saskatchewan and Manitoba, 41 per cent of those surveyed said they followed the Canadian Football League (CFL) closely while 22 per cent said that about the National Football League (NFL).

“Age is also a factor. One-quarter of men aged 18 to 34 follow the NFL closely (26 per cent) compared to just one-in-nine (11 per cent) for the CFL. A similar ratio is evident for men 35 to 54 (34 per cent NFL vs 19 per cent CFL), while older men (55 and up) follow both leagues at an equal level,” the survey said.

According to Angus Reid, a total of 1,515 people took part in the survey across Canada including 111 in Saskatchewan and Manitoba combined. There were 742 males that took part in the survey and 773 females.

The Kansas City Chiefs face the Philadelphia Eages in Super Bowl LVII from State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona Sunday afternoon at 5:30 p.m.

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