‘Truly transformational’: Victoria’s Garth Homer Foundation receives $34M donation

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A foundation that helps people with developmental and complex needs has received a whopping $34 million legacy donation.

The donation was made by the late Kathleen “Kay” Sheret to the Garth Homer Foundation and is believed to be one of the largest private donations of its kind in Canada, according to the foundation.

Sheret first met Garth Homer, founder of the foundation, through work on shared social causes in the 1960s.

The two became friends and supported each other in their respective pursuits, the foundation says.

The Garth Homer Foundation launched in 1998 and distributes funds to organizations that support people with “developmental and other diverse abilities,” including the Garth Homer Society, which is a care home in Saanich.

Funds are also distributed to projects that aim to give greater independence or improve the quality of life for people facing development or cognitive challenges in Greater Victoria.

“This incredible gift is truly transformational in the impact it will have on community-based care for our clients and others in need of support and will help the people of Greater Victoria better care for one another for generations to come,” said Bruce Homer, Garth Homer’s nephew, in a release Wednesday.

Catherine Lord, board chair of the Garth Homer Foundation, adds that the donation will help groups plan “long-term and innovative strategies” to support community members.

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