Were aliens flying over Canada? Seeing the video, people said

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A few days ago some mysterious lights were seen in the night sky. On social media, people were considering them as UFOs, but now this mystery has been solved. The strange video over Montreal, Canada was shared earlier this month by the Twitter handle @LatestUFOs. The objects seen in the video appeared to be V-shaped aircraft slowly moving past skyscrapers.

The woman recording the video gets shocked seeing it. She says, ‘It’s not an aeroplane. Why are they so close? What is this?’ The woman says, ‘I am trembling at the moment. I will not lie. It doesn’t look like an airplane at all. It is very close to the ground and I am not even near the airport. According to Latest UFO Sightings, there have been ‘numerous UFO sightings’ in Montreal, including several reports dating back to the 1960s.

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What is the truth of UFO video?

However, the latest incident cannot be included in that ‘history’. Fact checking account @ufooofinterest has revealed the reality of the mysterious objects. The fact checkers wrote on Twitter, ‘This was a Royal Canadian Air Force military exercise with four Bell CH-146 Griffons.’ A study by the US Ministry of Defense Pentagon regarding UFOs claims ‘Mothership’. According to the Pentagon UFO Chief, there may be a mothership in the solar system which may be inhabited by aliens.

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History of ‘UFO’

However, this study has not yet been reviewed. The term UFO was first used by the US Air Force in the year 1952. The term UFO is used for any unidentified flying object seen in the air. In the year 1947, US Air Force pilot Neth Arnold told the world about UFOs. While flying over Mount Rainier in Washington, he/she saw nine luminous objects. Earlier he/she did not use the word UFO for this, but later this word became popular because of him/her.

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