‘Why don’t you settle down?’: Prime Minister Trudeau admonishes heckler at Ukraine event

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While attending a rally in support of Ukraine Friday night, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paused mid-speech to ask a heckler to “settle down.”

The Liberal leader was attending an event in Toronto to show solidarity with Ukraine as it marks one year since the Russian invasion.

Part way through a sentence, Trudeau paused, addressing someone in the audience who’d been shouting.

“A year ago today, Ukrainians woke up to the horror of war in their…” the prime minister started.

He paused.

“Hey sir, I think Ukrainians could tell you a little bit about freedom and liberty, so why don’t you settle down?”

Yelling over a cheering crowd, he said, “This is a night for them, not for you. This is a night for Ukrainians, not for you.”

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