London Curling Club celebrates 175 years

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On Saturday the London Curling Club marked a major milestone in celebrating its 175th anniversary.

Dozens of locals joined in on the celebration by playing the game themselves throughout the day.

The London Public Library Board participated in the festivities by unveiling the club’s 75th plaque, recognizing its long history of curling and achievements.

The curling club was founded in 1847, and has been known to be one of the oldest clubs in Canada.

Over the years the building has been home to community events, programs, the Canadian curling championships and the world curling championships.

It’s been just under a week since London hosted the 2023 Tim Horton’s Brier, bringing close to 100,000 people to the city. Members say it’s helped bring the sport back to life and drew more interest to it.

“the brier was amazing. A lot of our members either attended the games or volunteered. It was a great week for London,” said Greg Lewis, manager of the London Curling Club.

Being a social sport, the club has welcomed in many volunteers and members who have made lasting friendships. Lewis encourages more Londoners to join if interested in the sport.

“There’s always room for more people. So if Londoners want to curl – reach out on our website.”

The plaque will remain inside the curling club on Lyle St.

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